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Anssi graduated as a visual artist from Kankaanpää Art School in 1986. He
has since furthered his studies in Kemi-Tornio University of Applied
Sciences, Faculty of Art and Design in University of Lapland, and the
University of Umeå in Sweden. Anssi 's main techniques include painting,
drawing, serigraphy and videos. He is a member of Finnish Painters’ Union
as well as Artist Associations of Lapland and Oulu.
The next quote is from the artist statement included in the Artist Register by
Finnish Painters’ Union. “Hanhela’s career as an artist began in the 1980’s
as an expressive landscape painter. He came full circle at the turn of the
millennium when he returned to paint colorful paintings of a man's life
alongside a woman, of a man as part of a rural idyllic soul landscape, after
painting constructive images of God and minimalistic hidden pictures about
sexuality. Hanhela's humor is black and sarcastic, but this mischief is not
meant to be taken too seriously merely as an access to something new.
Painting is a tool for him to analyse feelings and thoughts, put them in
order, and then laugh over loudly.”

Over the years, Anssi has had numerous private group exhibitions in Finland
and abroad. In addition to Finland, his works have been exhibited in
Sweden, Norway, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Poland and
Switzerland. In addition to painting and exhibitions, Anssi has worked as a
teacher for various lengths among others at Liminka Art school, Piippola
School of Arts and Crafts, Vocational College of Western Lapland, Central
School of Yli-Ii as well as at various weekend courses organised by different
communties, and other fine art events.

Anssi had a tragic accident in October 2012, when he lived in his father's
house in Jokikylä. He had carbon monoxide poisoning, which put him into a
coma for nearly three months. Miraceliously Anssi recovered from it, and
even though the accident left its marks, he has been working very hard since
and has held several exhibitions of his new paintings.

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Johteenhovi kokous - ja virkistystilat 2001

Maalauksia...Paintings 2013

Akvarelleja...Water Colours 2005

Digivedoksia...Didital prints 2006-04

Serigrafioita...Silkscreens 1996

Abstraktit Akvarellit 2008

Piirustuksia...Drawings 2006

Paskainstallaatio...Excrementinstallation 2008

Paintings 2008-2009

Työkaluinstallaatio...Toolinstallation 2001

Arjen installaatio...Everyday installation 2003

Veistoksia...Sculptures 2000s

Artworks 2014-16

 Artworks 2017-18

Paintings 2019

Paintings 2020

Paintings 2021

Water colours 2020

vuosien varrelta/along the years

Humane apparatus,
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Lets ride boys, music video,
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Morning conversation,
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