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                                                                        Kritiikkiportti - Anssi Hanhela
                                                                         Mail Art exhibition

Anssi Hanhela (1962) 
Art Studies
2005- University of Lapland, Department of Art Education
2006-07 Umeå University
2001 Education of Arts and Media, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences
1986 Art School of Kankaanpää, Painter
Professional Memberships
Finnish Painters’ Union
Artists` Association of Lapland
Artists` Association of Oulu

Professional Memberships
Finnish Painters’ Union
Artists` Association of Lapland          
Artists` Association of Oulu

Solo Exhibitions, selected

Solo Exhibitions, selected
Kemi Art Museum 2018
Tartu Art House 2018

Several exhibitions in Finland since 1986

1994, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 Helsinki

2007 Vindeln, Konst i Kvarn
1995 Gothenburg, Gallery Konstepidemin,
1995 Luleå Galleri Pictor,
1995 Schaffhausen, Galerie Schiff
1997 Winterthur, Galerie Löwen
1998 St.Petersburg, Borey Art gallery
2005 Vadsö, Galleri Light Of Varanger
1999 The Nordic Artists’ Centre in Dale

International Exhibitions
2015 ENIGMA, Arndt Haike gallery, Berlin, Danmark
2015, How to Read in the Dark, Lapland artist association, Joensuu , Riga, Berlin
2015 Tartu Kunstimaja, Estonia; Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany
2014 BangBang#KEMI, Artists` Association of Oulu, Kemi Art Museum  The Finnish Artists
2012 I live on the Arctic Circle, Eesti Tallinna, Latvia Riika
2011-13 Karvavahetuse aeg, Lapimaa nüüdiskunst, Eesti, Latvia
2010 7th International Miniprint Finland
2010 9th Lessedra World Art Print Annual - Mini Print Bulgaria
2010 Mail Art project “Avtoportret/Enter” Yaroslavl Art museum Russia
2008 AVA Galleria presents The Art Career exhibition, Valencia Espanja, Helsinki
2008-09 Colouring The North, Verkligheten, Umeå, Stockholm Sweden
2006 Egoart prize, nominated artist. (andrei g)
2006 Artperiscope-The Light, Tabor gallery, Czestochowa, Czech Republic
2006 Fifth Annual International Miniatures Exhibition “little m”, Lithuania
2005 Graphica Creativa, Jyväskylä
2004 Art from Finland, Petrozavodsk, Russia
2005 Art Nature, Utrecht, Netherlands
2003 World Art Collection, National Art Gallery of Seoul, Korea
2002 The Barents Art Exhibition Arkhangelsk, Russia
2002 Karelian Holidays Petrozavodsk Russia
2000 Reasons to love the Earth 2000-2001
1999 Art- E- Mail Virtual Art Exhibit, Columbia
1999 Art-e-mail in MAC21 International Contemporary Art Fair, Spain
1996 HIP (Hanhela-Isaksson-Päiviö) Övertorneå
1996-97 Bowl Project, Finland
1995 Baltic Sea States Triennial of Graphic Art, Poland
1995 Box`95, Lithuania
1994 Laplands´ Art Summer, Finland
1994 1998 Man and Woman Nude Art, Estonia
1994 Grafik från Nordkalotten, Sweden
1993 The 4th Riga Minigraphics Triennial, Latvia
1992 The Baltic Countries Graphic Art Triennale, Poland
1991 Nordkalottens Höstsalong, Sweden
1991 Nordisk Kunst, Denmark
1990 Graphica Creativa, Finland
1989 Nordisk Teckningstriennal, Sweden
1985 Plan Air, Poland

Happenings and workshops
2005 From The Light, Video Art, Tampere, Helsinki
2004 The First Volgograd International Festival of videoart “Videology”
2004 Studio Là-bas→, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Andrei G.: video installation FURY
2004 Studio Là-bas→, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Andrei G.: video projection, Lauri Luhta: performance, djing
2004 Là - Bas -> live art happening, Oulu, Finland
2002 International Snag sculpture symposium, Inari, Lapland
1999 International Ice Festival, The Norwegian Glacier Museum, Fjærland

Works in Collections
Art School of Kankaanpää; City Of Oulu; City of Raahe; Kaleva Printing House, Oulu; Council of Oulu Region; 
Finnmark fylkeskommune, 
Vadsö, Norway; Graphica Creativa ry, Jyväskylä; Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation; 
Kemi Art Museum; Lapland Hospital District, Muurola; 
OP Oulu; Oulu Museum of Art; Oulu-opisto, Kiiminkijoki Unit; Oulu Saskia ry; Petrozavodsk City Exhibition Hall, Russia; 
Sztuka Polska, Gdansk, 
Poland; The Association for Respiratory Health in Oulu Region; The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, 
Haukipudas; Union of the Professional Engineers in Finland
Other Artistic Activity

Anssi Hanhela Anssi Hanhela (b.1962) paints life. In his expressionism paintings
 vitality collides with existentialism. 
In northern mindscapes this is no wonder for one who follows his internal nature, 
the road leads to a place without other people. In the landscape, 
colors ring and ascendeth and eros is realized, glowing brightly. 
However, in the mystical reality of nature, man is only a voyeur and 
mental connection, not an organic participant. 

The relationship between humans is originally organic and of the body, 
but when another person climbs on the other´s shoulders to become a burden, 
it kills the possibility of organic communication. In this way, humans are only organic in relation to themselves. 

They are existential – beings, that feel in many ways what exists singularly and what it is to be alone. 
I can see this kind of perspective in Anssi Hanhela's paintings. 

Their narrative and painterliness express a similar content. 
At times freedom flows like breathing, although the soul has been captured in a zoo. 
At other times the internal urge flows inward with sharp consequences. 

The feeling of conflict is present. At the end, it is nature that calls and 
Hanhela's images display hope and a new kind of urge to combine inner and outer nature. 

Hagman painter, art critic Rovaniemi, Finland